Thank you

At Masonsps we are want to show gratitude to all of our candidates with giving something back, I believe that the recruitment companies are always finding ways of making money and they don’t care from who or how.

its understandable that companies want to make money because that’s how they work but is there a need to be so greedy.

Some of the companies charge the candidates a joining fee, membership, stand out or level status charges.

I never thought this was fair and decided from an early stage that no security operative should pay anything for finding a security job with my company, to the point that I believe that you should be given something back.

I looked at ways to make this happen and found the referral scheme, This is where if you get someone to complete an account with MasonSPS by inputting their e-mail account into the referral page and as soon as that person has their 1st interview then you will receive a £20 love to shop voucher.

When thinking about giving something back to everyone I then looked into a simple monthly raffle with the starting prize of £200 which will be presented to the winner either in person or online.

Masonsps is not just about helping Clients getting the best security operatives but helping candidates getting the security job of their dreams and we want to show some gratitude to our candidates for using our site.

We hope to bring some more for both user’s clients and candidates with a deals page, This is where you will see deals on training courses for every sector of the security industry and equipment for the candidates or the clients.

In the near future I want to do more for the communities that are close to you with yearly projects, we will help build facilities for the young, old, disabled or for out forces that suffer with PTSD, these are just a few that I want to help.

With any new ideas or changes I will send you all an e-mail with the updates, also we will post on social media.