Why we are

We seem to accept how things are through life with prices, processes, and work.

For many years now the one area within my work life that I always got frustrated with was the recruitment process which is why I decided it was time for a change.

In the past I have struggled with the task of recruiting a security operative due to the processes that had previously been put in place that can take up to 3 months.

To begin with, I needed to create job vacancy adverts to post over 4+ recruitment websites (I was shocked at the costs these incurred!).

I then had to wait for several interested candidates to apply for the security vacancy which could take up to or longer than 3 weeks.

The next stage would be to go through different CV’s to find the right person for the job, In doing this I could clearly see those who knew how to create a CV which did the job of standing out.

However, the template of the CV did not mean they were what we were looking for and I wanted to be able to find out about the person and how they work as well as their experiences and training that they had previously had.

This is where I thought that it would be a good idea If there was one template set across the board for everyone applying for a security job.

People would then not be judged on their CV template, instead it would solely be down to the information that they gave.

Following on from going through the CV’s, I would then have to spend around a week arranging the 1st interviews with the people of interest and having those interview’s, more time would be spent discussing which candidates would be contacted for the 2nd interview.

The process was becoming very time consuming, this was not including when we had to decide who to hire after the second interview, back ground checks, licence and qualification requests etc.

and then we need to wait for the successful security candidate to work their notice period. Waiting for someone to work their notice period would not have been so bad if it had not taken nearly three months from start to finish.

I have experienced both sides of the recruitment process within the security industry through many years and like so many others I wished there was something out there to make the process easier, cheaper and with less hassle.

The process was starting to become something that I would dread and after many discussions and plenty of moaning with friends and colleagues, I saw a way to change the security recruitment process and then realised I could be the one to change it.

I decided I had to go for it and once the fact had sunk in that I was going to start my own company, which was one of the most daunting yet exciting feelings, I had to work out how I was going to get the ball rolling.

I had decided exactly what I wanted to do, with my main goals being to help candidates get their dream jobs quicker, more communication and to help the clients be able to select candidates and have the 1st interview within as little as 3 days.

The more thought I was putting into this idea, the more it was becoming a reality but there were occasions that I wondered if I was in over my head.

Knowing exactly what I wanted to do and what issues there are with lots of current recruitment processes, I began to draw plans and write the script that was easy to complete from both sides of the recruitment desk whilst combining the processes that are needed to be ticked by HR.

I discussed the idea with some friends and colleagues, and they gave me their feedback, which in all honesty was sometimes hard to hear but is what I needed.

On Occasions they completely tore some elements apart which then allowed me to make alterations and create what is needed.

Once I had created a process which I knew would work, I then sat down with a pad and pen and started to learn how to create a company as this was all new to me and I had to think about things such as a company name, registering, logos, taglines, a website, licences and so on.

This is where MasonSPS began.